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Who: furriendly, hipstertastic and you!
What: Following this discussion, drunk Eridan and Nepeta are now wandering the castle spreading love and tolerance to everyone they come across.
When: Sunday, January 1st
Where: Pretty much anywhere in the castle.

open log;
[ your christ has come ]
Who: Joshua & YOU
What: Someone's gotten a little bored with hiding out.
When: Saturday, January 7th
Where: Anywhere between the castle's 5th floor and the roof.
Rating: PG for now (TOY HELICOPTER...)

A teenage boy who really loved sporty gadgets just as much as the next one.Collapse )

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glow » now you owe me all i am
Who: Zelman & Batgirl
What: What could possibly go wrong besides everything.
When: 3AM on a Monday night.
Where: The city rooftops!
Rating: PG...? 8(

got yourself another hour, and you gave half of it to me.Collapse )

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with wes
Who: Gunn, Wes, and Fred
What: New Years Eve drinking at Caritas.
When: The night of the 31st!
Where: Caritas.
Rating: PG-13 for drunken shenanigans.

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if you're hungover, deal with it yourself
Who: Clinic people! And anybody else who cares to visit.
What: Clinic is the new place to be.
When: The first week of the year.
Where: Your closet Cair Paradisa Clinic
Notes: Actionspam or prose welcome.

House pours himself a cup of the previously-brewed coffee and takes a sip. He sets it down on the table.

"This coffee is a disgrace."

I Thought Alcohol Was Just For Those Who Had Nothing Else To Do
Genuine smile
Who: Lilah Morgan AND You
What: Drunken shenanigans
When: Backdated to New Year's eve/Early New Year's morning
Where: The gardens
Rating: PG-13. Will change if it gets worse
I Thought Drinking Just To Get Drunk Was A Waste Of Precious BoozeCollapse )

--- / a common illness
Who: Lucrezia and YOU!
What: The morning after, the hangover.
When: January 1
Where: The Lobby

she say she usually don'tCollapse )

profile; look
Who: Vivian and Gunn.
What: Bringing in New Years.
When: New Year's Eve/New Years Day
Where: On the castle roof.

read onCollapse )

>be a pansy-ass stick in the mud on new year's eve
Who: Adachi and YOU?
What: Adachi tries to hide in the games room while everyone's drunk. Don't let him succeed at this, please. (his discomfort is my pleasure)
When: New Year's Eve
Where: the games room
Rating: will probably be some swearing if any awful co-op games get played. while drunk.
Notes: FEEL FREE TO THREADJACK I would love to get a full set of four people, drunk or not to play a game that can possibly drive Adachi to drink and get rude LMAO...

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show up at flat
Who: Mycroft and You Lot
What: Drinking in the library
When: New Years Eve
Notes: I'll kick it off in prose but feel free to do action spam, I'll follow!

Let's do this...Collapse )


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