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if you wanna get drunk any night of the week
get drunk any night of the week
bro_codebreaker wrote in paradisalogs
Who: Barney and Ted
What: Drunken Best Friend Shenanigans ... that lead to somewhat more serious discussion.
When: December 26th
Where: The Parisian equivalent of McLaren's.

[it had taken a lot of wandering and a lot of phone calls and about five tourist guides before Barney found the bar he wanted. it wasn't much - tucked away almost below street level. the awning was red instead of green, but the atmosphere was the same. a well-stocked bar, a few booths amid cozy tables, and an abused jukebox. the name on the door said "Laurent's", but it may as well have been McLaren's for all the ease with which Barney settled into the booth in the corner and waited for Ted to arrive. he flagged down the waitress with a wink]

Deux bieres, s'il vous plait.

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[Ted never actually suits up. He simply doesn't like wearing suits unless there's an occasion; he liked coming off friendly and casual, thanks. And this time, after looking up the address, he was almost going to forgo the suit this time, too.

And then, he remembered the suit Shiki had made, just for him.

And he thought, why the hell not?

Half an hour later, he strolls on in. Hah, he thought they were in France, not New York! Figures that Barney could find such a remarkable French equivalent.

He comes over to Barney, not quite realizing what Barney was wearing due to his sitting position, and that, well. He always wore suits anyway. He gestures grandly to himself.]

Suited up.

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[Barney grins, and gets to his feet, gesturing to his own suit] Nice match, bro. C'mon, sit down, I got us some beers.

[et voici les bieres. TADAH. he winks at the waitress again as he sits back down]

No way! Shiki made you a match. That's sweet.

[Ted sits down, practically grinning from ear to ear as he looks around.]

Man, I didn't realize we were back in New York.

S'why she's the Awesome Committee Fashion Police. [he shrugs a bit and cracks open his beer] And I know, RIGHT? This place is perfect. While I was waiting for you? I kept expecting Lily and Marshall to walk in. True story.

[Oh man, Awesome Committee Fashion Police. ... and goddamnit, Barney, he knows you mean well and he's going to laugh along for a moment before downing that beer.

His first Christmas and New Year's without three of his best friends. It's gonna be a tough one.]

[it takes a second for that to process - Ted, Y U MAD - but then it sinks in, and he's waving at the waitress and pointing to Ted, to signal in another round. CRAP. um. um um um ...]

[brightly] So hey, I was changing the subject the other day, and I totally ran into a girl I haven't seen in years. Who went home. ... And she remembers me. How weird is that?!

[Nice save, Barney.]

Wait, really? I thought once you left, that was it. You come back and it's like you were never here before.

[he tries]

Yeah, that's the thing, so did I. At first she didn't remember, but ... after we talked a while it was like someone dumped a bucket of "Hey Remember This" on her head. It was pretty awesome ... I mean, I've had a COUPLE friends leave and come back, and I had to have them get to know me all over again. It was a total paaa--

[he stops, realizing he's veering into Make Ted Chug Beer Territory again - and that makes him do a complete 180.]

I should probably tell you some more stuff, huh.

[try harder]

Well, just so you know, you know you're not obligated to tell me anything. You know.

[yes ted let's casually remind barney that you're his loss, this is a good way to start the evening]

[Barney looks at Ted like he just tried to convince him 2+2=5]

Uh, yeah, I am. You're my best friend. And whether I can remember it or not, that counts for something. So where do you wanna start? We can ... I dunno. Trade.


[He leans back.]

How was Christmas in Paris?

Pretty sweet. I had dinner with Vivian - have you met her yet? I keep meaning to get all of you together so we can hang out: you, me, her, Ianto, Del ... just basically have a massive Awesomeness Session.

Oh, uh, yeah, I met her.

[There might have been fairies and tongues involved, ahem.]

And, Del, as in... the girl with the crazy red hair?

fine LJ, eat both my Del icons, I still have the Mendoza diagonal

[well he gets tongues even without fairies, SO THERE]

Sometimes it's red, yeah - it kinda tends to be whatever she wants it to be. She's .... special.

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