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if you're hungover, deal with it yourself
stateofatrophy wrote in paradisalogs
Who: Clinic people! And anybody else who cares to visit.
What: Clinic is the new place to be.
When: The first week of the year.
Where: Your closet Cair Paradisa Clinic
Notes: Actionspam or prose welcome.

House pours himself a cup of the previously-brewed coffee and takes a sip. He sets it down on the table.

"This coffee is a disgrace."

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HAHA I just saw the title now

"Is it coffee, at least?"

Ted lumbers into the clinic, hoping to find something, or someone, to help with his hangover. He hadn't planned on drinking until he passed out and woke up with one of his worst migraines yet, but, well, there you go.

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House is unimpressed already

"If you call colored water coffee."

House has already taken in the physical signs and is two seconds away from throwing a bottle of Motrin at Ted's head.

Isn't House's default state of being 'unimpressed'

"Hah, is that what the castle gave you when you asked for it?"

It then occurs to him nobody else is in. Goddamn.

"Can you heal migraines, by chance?"

"I think it might be from yesterday."

Allen was sitting at the front desk, not even looking up as he looks through an anatomy textbook. The desk itself seems to be half covered in full bottles of water, aspirin bottles and boxes of fruit juice- one of which Allen seemed to have taken the liberty of drinking.

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"It also has no caffeine." He busies himself emptying the pot to brew a new batch. "Decaf. It's like asking for ice cream without the cream."

He looks up at that remark, looking as if someone just made him swallow something extremely disgusting. "There's coffee with no caffeine?"

First expensive raw fish and now this atrocity? Is this the future they are fighting to save? He'd have to vow to never let Komui know, he might join up with the Noah. "Why in the world would someone do that?"

[Carolina's not taking too much time in suiting up and heading down to the clinic once she's less disoriented. Checking in on her people is her first priority and Maine's still one of her people, no matter what.

However, she does look over at House when he mentions the coffee.

For the moment, he's in the process of getting coffee. Real coffee. With caffeine. He notices her when he's emptying the pot.

"Sorry. Did you want some?"

[Carolina shakes her head as she shifts further in her seat.]

Heard you complaining.

Oh, hey House. You like interesting stuff, right? Well, good, because you just got something more interesting than the normal hangovers and nausea.

Molotov had been tending to her bears. Totally normal, right? Yes, everyone does that, all the time. Anyway, through a series of events that wasn't really anyone's fault, she now has a scratch from a baby bear between her shoulderblades. It's not horrific or anything like that, but it's bleeding.

Not that anyone would know that from the way she's waltzing into the clinic. For all intents and purposes, she looks great. That is, until she takes her white fur coat off and tosses it on a chair.

"Hello? I need someone with hands."

"Do you need someone with legs too?"

Blood. Yes. Definitely more interesting than what he's seen today. He tosses a wadded up coffee filter at Allen. "Let's go, Walker."

Seeing as Spike stole his cane, thus rendering his already limited mobility even more limited.

Allen was absorbed in his text, so the wadded up coffee filter hits him in the head directly. Ugh that one had grounds in it. "Ugh! Dr. House!"

He'll then notice the patient. She looked...vaguely familiar, as if he had heard of someone matching that description a long time ago- but eh he was drawing a blank and a patient was a patient. So he'll get up and head over to House.

"I still don't see why you can't get a new cane or wheelchair."

Let's say this takes place after Spike's post, idek

Hangovers are a bitch.

That's the general sentiment behind why Julia has found herself coming to the clinic today. No, more like half-stumbling into it; that splitting headache of hers is so bad that it's taken away some of her easy, natural grace. She wouldn't come here unless she was desperate, and from looking at her, despite how hard she's trying to hide it, it's easy to tell that she is.

And what her eyes catch sitting at that table in the corner doesn't help anything.

... Oh, not that guy. Anyone but that guy.

That would be because it isn't coffee. [ Yes, she's been in the clinic all night - patients didn't stop for celebrations. She's also not trusting the water - or wishing - to have any tea yet ]

Backdated to the 4th before he's released? (Wash chained him to the cot while was unconcious)


[Disgrace or not, coffee sounded good and he could really use some right about now.]

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