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hipstertastic wrote in paradisalogs
Who: furriendly, hipstertastic and you!
What: Following this discussion, drunk Eridan and Nepeta are now wandering the castle spreading love and tolerance to everyone they come across.
When: Sunday, January 1st
Where: Pretty much anywhere in the castle.

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There was definitely something put in Nepeta's milk that night, though she wasn't aware of this at all. To her, the conversation with Eridan had been something of an eye opener. Why shouldn't they all get a long? So people were killed. It's not like they were still dead in Paradisa! And while they were here, they could at least get along.

Nepeta hurried to meet up with her "best friend" (because weren't they ALL best friends in the long run?) and when she saw him, she gave him a rather enthusiastic wave.

"Eridan! Eridan. Are you ready?"

If he was fully aware of how he was acting, chances are Eridan would just give himself a punch in the face.

However, in his more relaxed state he was all too enthusiastic about spreading this whole tolerance thing, though whether it was either delusional or open minded was another thing.

So when he sees Nepeta hurrying on over, he's all too ready to get his gameface on.

"Nep,! Fuck, I am so fuckin' ready you wwould not evven believve. They're all gonna feel like a buncha idiots the moment they realize howw stupid it wwas for anyone not to havve thought a this before noww."

"Purrcisely." And she hiccuped.

But it wasn't just enough to talk the talk. No no, she had to walk the walk as well. And while it was fine and dandy to continue talking about walking the walk, she had to actually do it.

So the very first thing she did was reach out and pull Eridan into a long, warm hug. She held him close, nestling her cheek against his shoulder and stood there, letting a sigh escape her lips.

This wasn't creepy at all.

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