and I never swam so slow
Who: oyaji and concerns
What: drinking and stuff
When: now...ish. idk BEFORE MIDNIGHT
Where: borna's empty abyss of a room
Rating: PG

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For auld lang syne
Who: Gren & YOU
What: Thinking about things over booze
When: New Year's Eve
Where: The Lux

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[express] this place about to blow-oh-oh

Who: Faith & WINE.
Where: The Fountain in the Center of the City

[She's walking around the perimeter of the fountain, glancing around before she puts her hand into the water and brings it to her mouth to taste it.]

Oh, that's good. [Yeah, she's thrilled because that's definitely not just water anymore.]

I am gonna have fun tonight. [Sure, there's snow and all that, but the fountain seems to not be frozen, which if Faith knew anything about plumbing, she'd know that meant it wasn't coming from the pool of water, but from some underground source - actual plumbing. It also meant the water was the same source as the castle, which meant it was under the same magic of the alcohol.]

[open] the forest.
061 » your precious
who: jet ([Unknown LJ tag]), dro and you.
what: exploring the forest.
when: 31 december. nighttime.
where: the forest.
rating: pg.

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contains small parts. potential choking hazard. not for children ages five and under.
mm} smile: the little things

Who: Mindy Macready & John Eastwood Dean Winchester
Where: Mindy's room.
When: Today!
What: Dean comes off his loss. Mindy loses the best Ken Doll she ever had.

Mindy was concerned. She checked his room every day when she'd come back from patrol. The nameplate still being on the door was a good sign. That small reminder told her that Dean was still a twelve inch plastic representation of himself, complete with accessories. She had been upset when she kept trying to wish for clothing for him and getting flannel shirts and dark button downs. She thought he was classier than that.

She got Brock to make him Kevlar, giving him protection against everything except armor piercing rounds. (Hey, sometimes Barbie got mean.) The castle gave him a black truck to drive around her room and she filled the back of it with as many weapons as possible. When she realized that he could be someone on a loss, it made a bit more sense. She stopped trying to get him different clothing from the castle and just dressed him in whatever had been already handed down to her. Maybe he liked looking like he was going camping all the time.

She didn't shove him into the front seat of the truck and hurtle it toward a wall. She didn't shove him in a drawer to simulate solitary confinement and she didn't water board him anymore. Mindy was actually nice to her new doll. Then there was speed-dating. It was when Mindy found out just who her Ken doll was.

She'd never met Dean Winchester, but she was well-acquainted with one Sam Winchester. Arch Enemy Number o1. The asshole that had locked his dogs up, leaving them to suffer. Mindy still missed Hekyll, but Jekyll lived on and it wasn't her fault that some maniac had killed him.

With Mindy fully aware of just who she had in her possession, she tried to make things even better than they had been. She broke into his old room and checked out his surroundings, trying to figure out what made the guy tick. In a way, her father would've been proud of her. She was putting herself into the mind of her target. Not that Dean was a target, but still.

However, when Paris came and went and Dean was still a doll, it worried her. Now she spent her day trying not to play with him. Worried that whatever she'd done to him on his loss had broken him somehow. She left him on a chair in the corner of her room. She'd move him every once in a while, but she wasn't sure what to do. She definitely didn't want to take him to Sam and admit that she might have ruined his brother.

In an act of desperation, Mindy found one of her Barbie dolls that still had all of her limbs. (Look, sometimes pretending to be an Astronaut isn't the best cover for a prostitute.) She dressed her up in a bathing suit and sat her down next to Dean's doll. If anything, he'd have some plastic company.

"Sorry, she's probably not very smart. I blew up Lawyer Barbie last week. This is just some beach one. She's not even a dog groomer." With that, Mindy left him to be and moved on to finish working on fixing her costume.

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Who: Felix, Ashura, Dextera, Mark, Nora, & Fenris (& YOU?!)
What: A small Christmas gathering
When: Sunday, December 25th
Where: Felix & Ashura's Paris apartment
Note: If your character is acquainted with Felix and wants to have been invited, please feel free to tag in. Action or prose is fine. Sections provided for your convenience. :>

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Who: Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suoh
What: A date in Paris. :T
When: Before the end of the plot!
Where: .. Paris!
Rating: G, maybe PG at worst?
Warnings: Lots of derp.

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I see you
Who: Abel Nightroad and Lilith Sahl
What: Regaining their Paradisa memories
Where: Floor Six
Warnings: I don't think any will apply, possible eye bleed from tl;dr? EDIT: Now there are warnings for marital nudey times.

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Who: Legolas and You!
What: After Legolas's "adventure" in Paris he finally awakens in Paradisa. He has reverted back to his natural state but finds himself losing balance and being a lot more clumsy than usual, something he had previously put down to being human.
When: Today (after everyone returns to Paradisa)
Where: The Pietas Tower
Rating: Suitable for all (but be warned, there is some big angst in this post :x)

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e} hmmm...

Who: Oliver & Elektra - and special guests!
When: Backdated for justice! December 24th & 25th
What: Two days to run into Elektra and Oliver in the city. Plus a bit of time for Elektra and Oliver to celebrate the holiday together.
Where: Paris. On the way to Elektra's place. Elektra's place. On the way out of Elektra's place.
Note: See comments for the dates and places.


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